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Culture Vulture 

Culture Vulture...I dislike the terminology. In truth, we keep the phrase cocked to use against white people we dislike or are jealous of  those who are superior in skill or trade.

Here's the interesting thing about vultures, they're scavengers. They eat dead things. So, if you're a culture vulture to Hip-Hop are we saying that hip hop is dead? If so, it bears witness to Minister Farrakhan's assessment of Rachel Dozel. His statement if I recall correctly is, "Don't be mad at her, She picked up something you threw away."

Why y'all mad at whites for picking up stuff you throw away? Talk about hypocrisy!

Look, Public Enemy, the blackest group in Hip-Hop came to RVA a few years ago. I was suppose to go but the "brother" who had tickets fronted on me. I won't get into that lol but I was able to see a video from a brother who went. The ENTIRE audience was white. There may have been a couple of negroes sprinkled in the crowd buy they were definitely lost in all that whiteness. lol

Ok....so, are they vultures? They're guest? Shid, I would tell black people kiss my ass lmao

Years later....Yo Gotti comes to Richmond and I was there on security for the show....There was a sea of niggas! LMAO!

I understand that Yo Gotti is more current but damn...we just threw PE away though! They picked up something we threw away. So, basically "real Hip Hop" is dead and white folks picked up the real and negroes are supporting gang culture hip hop.

Black Star came to Petersburg in 99' and it was the same thing. Black Star, another black ass group, lol, supported mainly by whites and Asians. I was there for that show, and I was probably the blackest thing there lol. White folks and me, lol, was lined up outside Magic City and niggas driving by taunting racial remarks at the whites. SMH They taunting white people supporting a conscious black hip hop group, but yo black ass driving by talking shit...The irony.

In conclusion, you can say what you want but white people support what we consider the purity of hip hop....We(blacks) don't. When the US gets rid of artist they go to Europe where they receive love, See KRS Vlad interview. John Coltrane did the same thing.